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I love life, people, and my work. Along with being the author of the healthy you, weight loss book, "Getting into Your Pants," I am a weight loss cheerleader, feel-good-about-you motivational health public speaker, and have had a thriving chiropractic practice for over 30 years.


Feed Me or Deplete Me?

Hello, dear friends!

Another gift of a day!

Just for grins, with every bite ask yourself, “Does this food feed me or deplete me?”

Does this apple feed me or deplete me?

Does this chocolate feed me or deplete me?

Does this green-leafy salad feed me or deplete me?

Does this coffee feed me or deplete me?

Does this homemade veggie juice feed me or deplete me?

Then make the choice whether to eat it or not. This simple question helps us to become more and more mindful about what we put into our bodies.

Building health comes from just one mindful choice at a time!