Let’s Build a Village, Shall We?

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I love life, people, and my work. Along with being the author of the healthy you, weight loss book, "Getting into Your Pants," I am a weight loss cheerleader, feel-good-about-you motivational health public speaker, and have had a thriving chiropractic practice for over 30 years.


I Am!

Hello, dear friends!

I AM! Let’s shout those two little, most powerful words

from the mountain tops.

I AM! NOT to be confused with I can, I try, I will, I would,

I could, and I should.

But I AM!

I am building up my health with best-for-me foods

and exercise choices.

I am losing weight.

I am exercising every day.

I am eating at least 10 whole, fresh fruits a day.

I am eating at least one great, big, fill-me-up salad

every day with at least 10 different vegetables, including

the greens, in it.

I am drinking homemade fresh juices every day.

I am taking complete responsibility for my thoughts,

actions, non-actions, and experiences.

I am feeling good about me.

I am doing exactly what I love to do.

I am loving life!

I am loving me.

Be very conscious of your thoughts and words and

think, I am!



Dr. Leslie Van Romer, author of weight-loss, health-boosting book, Getting into Your Pants, and its companion workbook, Getting into Your Pants PlayBook, is a chiropractor, weight-loss cheerleader, and feel-good-about-you motivational health speaker. For more information contact her: 360-683-8844 or 888-375-3754 or Dr.Leslie@DrLeslieVanRomer or visit www.gettingintoyourpants.com  www.drleslievanromer.com   www.vanromerchiropractic.com